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Jessen Co. Vision

Our corporate vision of why we exist is simply to “Be the best choice for any organization needing help in communicating with their customers, prospects, members or donors.”

That communication may come in the form of a business card or in-store banner or a digitally produced direct mail piece driven by the actionable data from our client’s CRM. And we are a best choice because of the breadth of our services, the superior experience of working with us, the quality of our end deliverables and the Core Values that define us as an organization.

Serving the Twin Cities metro, we are located in St. Louis Park. Check out our "locations & hours" page to find us!

Partners We Support

  • Open Arms
    Open Arms
  • World Without Genocide
    World Without Genocide
  • Acacia Global
    Acacia Global
  • Matter
  • Arm in Arm in Africa
    Arm in Arm in Africa
  • Dunwoody
  • Faith's Lodge
    Faith's Lodge
  • Rotary International
    Rotary International
  • Abbey's Hope
    Abbey's Hope
  • UMAA

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