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Jessen Press Core Values

In addition to our Vision Statement that defines our shared view of why we are in business, we use a set of Core Values to guide us in a practical way. These concepts are absolute yet allow us to adapt to a dynamic market without straying from who we are and what we believe.
Our strongest business relationships are with organizations with similar ideals and those that want to do business with people like themselves—people who value similar things as themselves.

Our culture has evolved over our 60 years in business and can be best understood by these Core Values.

Core Values

1. We Hustle

2. We Care

3. We’re Hungry

4. We Do The Right Thing


Core Focus

Passion: As the underdog we invite, engage and surpass big challenges

Our Niche: Your quick response print and fulfillment solutions partner

Partners We Support

  • Open Arms
    Open Arms
  • World Without Genocide
    World Without Genocide
  • Acacia Global
    Acacia Global
  • Matter
  • Arm in Arm in Africa
    Arm in Arm in Africa
  • Dunwoody
  • Faith's Lodge
    Faith's Lodge
  • Rotary International
    Rotary International
  • Abbey's Hope
    Abbey's Hope
  • UMAA

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