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In addition to our Vision Statement that defines our shared view of why we are in business, we use a set of Core Values to guide us in a practical way. These concepts are absolute yet allow us to adapt to a dynamic market without straying from who we are and what we believe.
Our strongest business relationships are with organizations with similar ideals and those that want to do business with people like themselves—people who value similar things as themselves.

Our culture has evolved over our 70 years in business and can be best understood by these Core Values.

— High Touch —

We invest in our people, processes and technology to ensure your customer experience is unparelled and you’ll choose to continue working with us. Our dedicated account management strategy gives you personal attention and project advocacy. Another element of our High Touch strategy is our commitment to the environment. And finally, our High Touch way of doing business reaches deep in the communities we serve by providing our time, our services and our products to organizations trying to help those in need.

— High Tech —

Like our High Touch value, our commitment to High Tech must do everything to enhance your customer experience and program results. Additionally, each decision we make in supporting our High Tech strategy, it must be consistent and support our other Core Values. For example, when we went to Chemistry Free plate making, it was consistent with our High Touch value of caring for the environment. Similarly when we invest in a Xerox iGen3, it was consistent in delivering High Value to our customer and again was environmentally friendly

— High Value —

A sustaining, solid business relationship must be built on delivering High Value over the long-term. There’s always a “special deal” to be had but we believe in being in business relationships that are built on shared values and an absolute dedication to helping our customers achieve their goals. It’s how we choose our suppliers.

We run our business by our Vision statement and these Core Values. Employees are evaluated based on their commitment and execution of these values and demonstrated understanding and execution of our vision. Supplier partners are selected based on their ability to support them. Capital equipment decisions are vetted by how they line up and extend our Core Values. In short, if we can’t honestly say a decision furthers our Core Values and is consistent with our vision, it is probably the wrong decision.

So if you like what we stand for—Our Vision and our Core Values --and if you like the work we do—choose us.

Our Core Values and Capabilities make us the right choice--- Minnesota’s Choice

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