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Our manufacturing organization is organized by a Project Lifecycle philosophy. That is, our departments are set up by how a job would flow through our operation.

The 4 Key Operating areas are:

• Pre-Press
• Production
• Finishing
• Distribution

Additionally, we have three key Client Facing Departments:

• Sales
• Customer Service
• Accounting

For performance load balancing and career enrichment for our associates, Jessen Press employees can ask for interdepartmental training and or a rotational assignment. This will assure you a customer experience where needs are anticipated and addressed, no one hides behind the “not my department” door and you always feel that our vision-- "Be the best choice for any organization needing help in communicating with their customers, prospects, members or donors” ---is your reality.

Partners We Support

  • Open Arms
    Open Arms
  • World Without Genocide
    World Without Genocide
  • Acacia Global
    Acacia Global
  • Matter
  • Arm in Arm in Africa
    Arm in Arm in Africa
  • Dunwoody
  • Faith's Lodge
    Faith's Lodge
  • Rotary International
    Rotary International
  • Abbey's Hope
    Abbey's Hope
  • UMAA

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